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Marble Surface


These are projects from my Advanced Play Directing class which highlight my work in innovative staging techniques and/or intense themes and concepts. Here, you will find clips of the finished product as well as directing paperwork


This is the Booth/Oswald scene from Assassins, staged in the round outside my college's student union. The inspiration for the design was carnival-inspired, seen through the research images, while the actual staging of the scene was inspired by the movement of hands on a clock.

The Crucible

This project was a re-imagined classic. I chose to set The Crucible during the Me Too movement, with John Proctor committing sexual assault against Abigail Williams and domestic violence against his wife. Due to this, this video carries a trigger warning due to depictions of violence and allusions to past sexual abuse. This scene was staged alley style.


This was a 10 minute play presented for the final project for this class. Lures tells the story of a woman hunting for revenge after her son is raped by a pedophile, and thus, this carries a trigger warning for graphic descriptions of rape. This play was staged proscenium-style, but I challenged myself through the inclusion of fight choreography. Please note: this clip is not the full 10 minute play as the recording was unavailable. 

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