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Theatrical Design Concepts


Lines show movement and texture while representing logic and intelligence. This project is an analysis of different lines found on the campus of MTSU and the cultural prejudices associated with them.


Grayscale is the range of different values of gray. This project involved sketching four different representations of grayscale to show adeptness at the Denman Ross nine step value scale.


This project involves matching half of an existing headshot in order to demonstrate proficiency of line and grayscale together.

Color wheel

This project involves making an artistic interpretation of the color to demonstrate comprehension of primary, secondary, and tertiary colors. 

Artistic Genres: Futurism

This project is an analysis of the artistic genre of Futurism, focusing on all art forms, especially theatre.

Collaboration project

This project was a collaborative analysis of the one act play Riders to the Sea by John Millington Synge. I worked with Randy Truong and Ethan Stroud.

Final Project

This project is an analysis of the design concepts and history of William Gibson's The Miracle Worker.

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